Those of you who see my social media may be aware that I’ve seen a certain idol of mine this week (pause a second while I swoon!) so you may be surprised to discover that this week’s blog is not in fact about  my experience with the four seasons (with one season in particular). It was such a mind blowingly amazing  evening that I felt I needed a little time to process the night before attempting to put my experience into words!

So  this week’s blog is actually about one of the more unusual of my “Get a life” challenges so far. I’ve always wanted to try out a murder mystery night and have heard great things about them; well we managed to find one happening in Doncaster and it just so happened to be a “Scooby Doo” themed mystery! Now I’m not going to lie; my childhood friends and I did have a bit of a thing for Scooby and his crew so this seemed like the perfect chance to get the old gang back together!

Seeing that “themed costumes” were welcomed I was quick to shotgun being Daphne and we all set to work plotting our outfits! By the time the three of us got together, we looked the part! My only concern was that we had gone a little too obvious by dressing as the main gang, perhaps we should have gone for one of the more unusual cast members so that we stood out a little from the rest of the attendees. Imagine our surprise when we rocked up to the venue and there wasn’t a Fred or Daphne in sight! People were milling around the (pretty swanky) reception area in their glam dresses and their stiletto heels, but not one polyester fancy dress outfit in sight! We were slightly relieved when another Velma clambered out of a taxi and headed into the hotel! Safety in numbers! I do feel that if you are going to go to something like a “Scooby Doo murder mystery”, you might as well go the whole hog and get dressed up!


Now the event was being held at the Earl of Doncaster (in Doncaster believe it or not) and this was the first time I’d been there since my prom, I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I don’t get too specific about quite how long ago this was! It must be said as we entered the venue and peered around we were pretty impressed! Back in our prom days the hotel had looked a little dated and in need of TLC, but it seems it’s had quite the chique makeover since then and was rocking the “Art deco” vibe;  we felt like we were stepping into the roaring twenties!

I’d like to add that I’d had a few conversations with people from the venue prior to the event and they were all very helpful. I have mentioned before that I have a chronic illness and I’m quite new to having to mention dietary requirements. It must be said that so far the Earl of Doncaster has been by far the most accommodating venue I have dealt with in this department. I gave them a call as I had some slight concerns about which menu items I would be able to eat; they took note of my requirements and decided to speak to the head chef before getting back to me. When they did get back to me, they told me that the chef didn’t want to take any chances on spoiling my night and making me ill by giving me food I couldn’t eat (I am rather fussy). They asked me what I’d normally like to eat and offered to make it for me.

This is where I missed a massive opportunity! I was effectively given a magic lamp with three wishes for my meal choices. They would make me what I wanted.  Anything I wanted. Anything at all. And I asked for pork… I don’t especially like being awkward so I decided to have the same as everybody else was having but without the things I can’t have. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed what I had but I suppose I limited my options a little. I could have had steak. I could have had pizza. I could have had steak on pizza. But I went with pork. Like I said the food was delicious, but one thing I’ve learnt is that it definitely pays to be specific about what you can and can’t eat, and that just because you have “dietary requirements”; it in no way means you have to eat an inferior meal! I was quite specific about what I wanted for my starter and thoroughly enjoyed that! I’d definitely recommend the Earl of Doncaster for accommodating dietary requirements!

I didn’t really know what to expect from the murder mystery portion of the evening but was pleasantly surprised by it. The entertainment/clues were provided by the Mystery Inc gang in the form of the Talegate Theatre Company. I started out worrying that the acting portion of the evening might turn out to be a little awkward. It must be said that the cast were great, but yet didn’t take themselves too seriously which helped the people in the audience to relax into the night and enjoy themselves! The performance was quite tongue in cheek and had a pantomime element which encouraged us all to get involved. We spent the periods in between the performances discussing the clues and interviewing the “suspects”, with all the twists and turns in the plot making it quite difficult to fathom!


Overall we had great fun! It was quite an enlightening night and we had a good chat. I discovered that I apparently clap like a seal (at least it was loud and enthusiastic), we also discovered (I won’t reveal my sources) that Tena Lady pads are quite an effective method of avoiding sweat patches! Perhaps that’s the kind of thing where you had to be there to find it funny but you never know, you may even find it useful! Haha. We chatted about allsorts from theories of evolution to whether or not we believe in psychics! That’s the great thing about good friends getting together, you find yourself talking about crazy random things with no idea how the topic even came up!

After the performance the conversation turned to the disco. The music started out quite well (by well I mean it was cheesy!) but there’s always that difficult period where good music is on, and everybody wants to dance yet nobody wants to be the first one up! That got us into talking about what is the perfect “cheesy disco” tune? What is that one tune that you will always get up and dance to? Feel free to add a comment and let me know, perhaps we could come up with the ideal playlist!

Nevertheless we did eventually get up and start dancing! Even went as far as requesting the odd track (Frankie Valli every time!). We cracked out some pretty interesting moves! Everybody has their typical comedy “move” they pull out on the dance floor. There’s the “bounce the basketballs”, or the “change the lightbulbs”, maybe even the “hoovering”. No? Is that just me? Anyway, we were rocking those moves and we even discovered some new moves! One of my friends in particular (who had just spilt a drink all down herself) discovered the “wafting the skirt to try and dry it” move which was pretty interesting. The one move that still baffles me, is that move from the “cha-cha slide” where nobody actually knows what they are supposed to do. Do you know the one I’m talking about? If you do, perhaps you could enlighten me!

Just as we started to get really into the dancing, there was THAT moment that happens in every cheesy disco! The moment where the DJ doesn’t play any of the request but tries to go all “modern” and “trendy” at which point we promptly sat down! With most of us choosing to sit out, we were left with the battle of the hen dos on the dancefloor, all trying very hard (and in some cases failing) to dance in their ridiculously high heels and the couple to the side who were determined to stay in their slow dance hold, regardless of the song!

But once the dancefloor cleared the DJ soon realised his error and we were back to the Grease mega mix and Wham, just in time to roll out a bit of Proud Mary before we left for home (pun intended). I found myself at home with a stomach aching from giggling and safe in the knowledge that I’d had a truly amazing night!


So like I say, let me know what your perfect disco track is and we’ll see if we can put together a playlist between us!

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