16406709_10158376485330727_6284350118668100492_nGetting a Life… Part One

So for those of you who remember my summer of 2015 (or for those of you who care!) disappearing off to London on a whim, as and when I felt like it, you may have noticed an absence of musical theatre expeditions on my Facebook feed recently! Unfortunately life seems to have rather inconveniently gotten in the way of me having a life recently, as I’m sure many of you guys can relate! So I made a mid-year resolution to get back to the stalls and try and enjoy myself…

My first adventure of the “new me” was to a second (or possibly third, or maybe fourth, potentially even my fifth!) trip to see the first musical I ever saw. As a 15 year old slightly awkward student at secondary school I spent months looking at the ins and outs, underlying themes and hidden messages of Blood Brothers until I found myself able to sing the songs in my sleep… I was finally rewarded with a class trip to Sheffield City Hall and was shocked when I was still in tears long after the show had finished!

After seeing the tour advertised I booked the tickets without hesitation and began planning the day out with military precision as I would for one of my London adventures! I even went to the extent of getting “nibbles” for the train, forgetting that the journey to Sheffield is a 30 minute journey at a push! My visions of being on the smart train, giggling around the table, eating our nibbles, looking forward to the day ahead came crashing down as the rickety old train approached the station… As we sat, searching for a forward facing “bench” surrounded by Rotherham Town fans enjoying their pre-match “rituals” on the way to the game, the olives and hummus no longer seemed quite so fitting!

In an attempt at “the show must go on!” I attempted to sneakily eat my snacks regardless! I’d consider my efforts a success, were it not for accidentally throwing a bag of Skittles all over my handbag (still edible right?) and a minor choking incident along the way! So as we departed Sheffield train station I found myself laden down with a bag full of unwanted goodies, panicking that the theatre might do random bag checks on arrival and so as my friends attempted some pre-show retail therapy, I attempted to “destroy the evidence” in my handbag.
We took a few detours on the normally speedy route to the theatre. We decided that being unfashionably early might not be the best idea, so my friends saw this as a great opportunity for a little “Pokémon GO” hunting, discussing “Pokeballs” and various different critters, while I nodded my head in an attempt to look like I knew what was going on…

After an unsuccessful “hunt” we made our way to the theatre full of excitement for the show to begin! Find out next time, if I made it through the theatre’s security without surrendering my “goodies” and I may even tell you where to find the garlic bread that dreams are made of…


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