So this week’s blogisode (not sure if that’s a thing but I’m going to make it one!) is about a trip to see my ultimate legend. The One. The Only. Frankie Valli (and the Four Seasons)!!! Although the Four Seasons weren’t the original quartet, they were still pretty spectacular and the main man was still the same which was my main concern! I will warn you guys that this blog is slightly “soppy”, I’m not normally “soppy” in my  style of blog but it was the kind of evening that dreams were made of so I hope you’ll  forgive me!

Who Loves You

Now I was very much anticipating this evening, but I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about it! Frankie Valli is my idol! I once heard “working my way back to you” on the radio and then quickly after discovered so many other songs I already knew and loved or quickly began to adore. I was soon found obsessively buying albums and watching YouTube videos of live performances. I even began going to see Jersey Boys the musical more regularly than I see some family members! As much as I do enjoy the show and I am a big fan of it, I will admit part of it was the closest thing I had to seeing my hero in reality. But at the same time I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t live up to expectations.


When I discovered that the legend himself would be doing a tour my excitement was hard to contain! I prepared for the time to buy tickets like Sheldon Cooper buying tickets for Comic Con (sorry if you aren’t a Big Bang Theory fan). I still wasn’t entirely sure if any of my lovely friends could be bribed to go with me but I bought two tickets nonetheless; even if I ended up going solo at least I’d have more room to dance!

The Night (begins)

After a rather lovely meal at Carluccio’s on route, my mum and I joined the hordes of excitable people flocking into the arena. When I mentioned that the people who headed towards the arena like ants at a picnic were excitable; this may not be strictly true! I’m not saying it is a lie. I’m just saying that personally, I was rather excitable! I was like a child at Christmas! So if I’m being completely honest I have no idea how the people around me would have been feeling, other than acknowledging the slight possibility that they felt irritated by my giddiness!

I must admit; with how giddy I was there was also the very real possibility the security team would think I had over indulged on the bubbles before my visit and I wouldn’t even get in! It felt a little bit like the skittle disaster of my first blog…

But despite my fears we got into the arena and after a quick visit to the merchandise stand (normally I wouldn’t bother but this time it was a MUST, you know, just in case I forget….) we got some drinks and made our way to our seats. This was when reality kicked in! I was actually in the same building as Frankie Valli right at this very moment… Looking around me the arena was packed, but I must admit my presence quite possibly dropped the average age by quite a dramatic amount!


You could feel the excitement throughout the crowd and when the man himself walked on stage the roar of appreciation was pretty incredible! I was however slightly concerned as they began to play the opening bars to “Who Loves You” was that the atmosphere went completely dead! I was wondering if they’d made the right call in not having a warm up act. I even wondered if the number of walking sticks (and possibly hip replacements) in the audience made the clapping and dancing quite difficult! But what I choose to believe, is that like me; the rest of the audience were a little bit in awe of the main on stage!

Oh, What a Night! (December 1963)

What followed was a pretty spectacular show! So spectacular it took me well over a week and a minor case of writer’s block before I could even contemplate how I could put the experience in to words. I’m still not entirely sure I’ll be able to do it justice but I have to give it a go!

The set list itself was pretty fantastic. Hopefully I’m not the only one who’s been disappointed when they’ve been to see a favourite band and they’ve performed all their unfamiliar songs from a new album and ignored all the hits, aside from cramming a few into a mash up! My mum had a very similar experience at a Bruce Springsteen concert and I feared that tonight would be the same. But the song selection was absolutely cracking, they played hit after hit non-stop for a solid two hours! Two hours of solid and unbelievable performance from opening tracks to the final crescendo with hardly a pause for breath! I was well impressed that at 82 Frankie was able to perform so consistently for so long without a break!

All my doubts about whether tonight would live up to expectations were very real, and clearly I wasn’t the only member of the audience who felt the same way! As Sherry began and we entered into the first major falsetto moment, we collectively held our breath… He belted out all the important notes making it look easy (but I’m not convinced about what my seat mates would think to my efforts!). In the words of one of the other audience members he absolutely “nailed it” with his famously high pitch voice. If my eyes were shut I could have quite easily imagined that I was back in 1962. I read a review of this tour that described Frankie Valli’s voice as though it had been cryogenically frozen and it wasn’t far off!

Bye Bye Baby

As the final song of the encore came to a close I found myself devastated (and also slightly baffled by the people who left early)! Who knows if I’d be lucky enough to have the chance to go to another tour and this one had come to an end! Seeing Frankie Valli had always been something from a list of dreams! I never thought I’d have the chance to see them and as my colleagues asked me about my night the next day; I found it difficult to put into words how much I’d enjoyed the evening. It was by far the best show I’ve ever seen! I feel like I’ve achieved one of the major items on my bucket list (which doesn’t actually exist yet) and my “Get a Life” activities are going to struggle to beat this experience! It’s still hardly to believe it’s been and gone but if I close my eyes, perhaps I can imagine I’m still there….

Any suggestions for my bucket list?

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