So as you re-join me in my attempt at a blog, I’m quaking in my (shiny new) boots as I attempt to get my contraband skittles into the Sheffield Lyceum ready to watch Blood Brothers. Funnily enough it seems I was worrying needlessly; my ticket was checked and I strolled into the theatre in search of refreshments (you may realise as you read my blog- food and drink is never that far from my thoughts). So we headed to the bar in search of a drink to begin our girly day out (because it wouldn’t be a true girly day out without something white with bubbles).

Having organised some drinks for the interval- something I’d definitely recommend to anybody planning a trip to the theatre, it definitely helps to beat the interval queues! We then headed into the theatre, full of excitement for the show! I must admit I was also full of determination that I wouldn’t cry… I’ve seen the show like 12 times, I know how it ends, I know the songs off by heart, how could it possibly make me cry again? I was going to leave the theatre looking as fresh faced as ever and wouldn’t end up regretting that I’d forgotten to stock up on waterproof mascara…. Some of you may guess how this will end!

We settled into our seats and I found myself rather pleased with our seat selection! We had quite a good view of the stage, and we were also sitting in the stalls.  I must admit, no matter how many times I go to the theatre, there is still something I find quite satisfying about heading to the stalls, although I’m not being snobby about sitting in the expensive seats at all…

As the show started I was enthralled, and completely oblivious to how unfortunate my friend was in finding herself sitting behind a lady who had the largest hair I can imagine! It reminded me of that episode of friends (this is where you realise I’m THAT friend; you know, the one with a Friends moment for everything) where Chandler is reminiscing about girls he rejected for no apparent reason, and decides to give another chance to the lady with the large hair- because it couldn’t possibly have been THAT large….

Once I noticed my friend’s dilemma, it got me to thinking about how maybe hair should be theatre appropriate. Surely a backcombed beehive is quite the selfish style when going to the theatre, unless you are sitting on the back row. Perhaps a more sleek and stylish look is more suited, one that wouldn’t put anybody sitting behind you at risk of missing the entire show.

I forgot how funny I find Blood Brothers, while I have said how emotionally destroying the show can be, it’s also pretty entertaining when the twins are young. As they moved into their teenage years, I was shocked as the teenage Linda strutted onto the stage in what can only be described as a belt! As I write this I have to remind myself that I am in fact still only 26, and probably shouldn’t have had the thought “I feel cold just looking at her…”.


So as many you may be surprised to hear (or probably guessed from the second paragraph) I found myself roaring as the show came towards its end. I’m not sure you’ve ever seen anything so pathetic; me sobbing away as I discreetly look around to check I’m not the only one, blotting away at my eyes in a pathetic attempt to keep my make up in place.

For those of you who tuned in because of a subtle hint I gave about some pretty spectacular garlic bread, this is when we get to the good stuff! We strolled out of the theatre and heading towards “Ego” quite possibly my favourite restaurant ever (definitely favourite in Sheffield). It’s worth mentioning as we get into discussing the restaurant that it is the kind of place where you need to book. Psychologists would I’m sure have lots to say if I admitted that I quite enjoy sitting near the door and watching as people get turned away because they neglected to book!


So we were led through the restaurant (because we were smart enough to book) and taken to our table. There we were, seated in a beautiful restaurant, the home of what may be the best cheesy garlic bread I’ve ever tried. I was determined I would order some, I’d dreamt about it since booking the trip! It didn’t disappoint! So we ended our girl’s day out, in cheesy garlic bread heaven, giggling over our two for one cocktails, discussing our most recent dating failures.

Does it make me sound bad (and goes rather against my “Get a Life” mission, if I admit that I loved getting to have such a lovely girly day out, yet also still be home in time to curl up in bed with the dogs and watch Netflix!

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