So for those of you have been waiting with baited breath…. It’s time for my next little attempt at getting a life! There hasn’t been much going on lately so nothing to get too excited about! I did however book myself another solo adventure over New Year which I am crazily excited about! It seems that every waking minute at the moment is going towards planning my Canadian adventure! But I won’t bore you with the details now, I’d rather leave you in suspense waiting until July to hear details of my Canadian encounter with the Orcas (I hope!) so for now, you will have to wait…

A good friend and I decided it was time for a little quality time together, we had originally looked at going to see Cirque du Soleil, but when we spotted the ticket price we had a rethink! However over Christmas I was doing my weekly check of the Travel Zoo Top 20 deals when I spotted that the Cirque du Soleil tour of the UK was at half price! So it was a case of book now and worry about the details later…


So with the tickets booked we got to planning our next girly day out! This started with a little touch of retail therapy in Meadowhall. Is it wrong of me, my lovely readers to admit that even though I’m rather determined to get myself a life; I spent the majority of my time in Meadowhall internally debating the purchase of a rather lovely set of pyjamas!  All these big ideas for the adventures I’m going to have, and yet all I really want is something cosy! It seems silly spending my money on clothes to go out in, when I so very rarely go out, yet if I were to spend my money on nice clothes, surely I’d have a great excuse to leave the shelter of my bedroom  and go out!

After our retail therapy (no pyjamas, but a rather successful trip to Hotel Chocolat) we headed towards the arena, prepared to be amazed! Now I will admit that this was not my first trip to see Cirque du Soleil. I did have tickets to see LOVE when I was in Vegas, the summer of 2015. Clearly however, Vegas’ reputation for being the city that never sleeps isn’t entirely accurate….It seems that I got a little carried away enjoying the Vegas nightlife for the first couple of nights and by the time I made it to LOVE I found myself rather sleepy! So without giving away too much (and making myself sound like a massive lightweight) I will admit that I don’t remember a great deal of my first Cirque du Soleil encounter!

Eagerly anticipating my first (wakeful) trip to see Cirque du Soleil, my friend and I entered the  arena not entirely sure what to expect. I am sure you will be pleased to discover that I managed to stay awake this time! But my praise of the show goes above and beyond that, even before the show started I was in stitches at the clowns who were entertaining (and perhaps abusing in some cases) the audience members. Then the show began and I was spellbound!

Now one thing that concerns people when they discuss Cirque Du Soleil, is that it is rather arty and they may not be entirely sure what is happening… I like to think that I’m quite familiar with the arts, I’m even a fan of the story of Icarus (which is the background story of Varekai). But I’m not under any illusions and I will be completely honest with you, I had no idea what was going on! Not the foggiest! I’ve been accused of being blonde many times in my life (perhaps rightly so!) but this was one of the times when I genuinely felt clueless!

It must be said however, that despite being entirely unaware of what the “storyline” was supposed to be, I was captivated from start to finish! I found I didn’t need to know what the storyline was to be amazed at how skilled the performers were. My jaw was scraping the ground with each new trick and I found myself mystified with the aerial acts! The interval came and I found myself searching for classes that would enable me to join the next tour! Some of the gymnastics they were able to perform were out of this world! Throwing themselves all over the stage with skill and  precision and all I was able to do was look around, mouth gaping in awe! I found myself rather liking the age old idea of running away to join the circus, although I must admit the costumes did leave little to the imagination! Join in next time folks! You never know it may even be an announcement that I will be putting my contortion skills to use and joining the cast of Cirque Du Soleil…


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