Welcome back my lovely readers!

So after a lovely relaxing day with my Momma, I’m sat here relaxing with a glass of bubbles in hand, a box set on the telly and it seemed like a good opportunity to catch up with you guys!

After a lovely walk with the dogs (also known as double trouble), it was time for mum’s mother’s day treat; so we had a trip to the Beauty Lounge for a rather indulgent facial!


I faced the dilemma that some of you may have encountered, knowing that my hair could use a wash, but realising it was entirely pointless to wash my hair only to get it covered in oils from the facial! So I decided to rock up to the salon in my nicest outfit in an attempt to cover up for the no make-up and slightly greasy hair!

Slightly strange thing to mention but I couldn’t help notice a rather delightful set of sparkly drawers in the salon, and despite feeling very relaxed as I was preened and pampered by the friendly beautician, part of me couldn’t help but wonder where the glittery drawers came from and making a mental note to search the tinterweb for them later!

We’d decided earlier on in the week that while we were in Armthorpe for our pamper session we would have a trip to a couple of local boutiques in search of wedding and cruise outfits! It seemed like a good idea at the time and I’d even gone as far as to pack myself a pair of cute heels so I could see the outfits with the full effect.

What I didn’t count on was two things! The first being that having practically fallen asleep in the Beauty Lounge, the effort of getting undressed to try on the slinky dress was the last thing on my mind! I feel that clothes shopping, especially when it is for a special occasion is something that you need to be mentally prepared for, however all my poor little brain was prepared for was my bed!

The other thing I hadn’t counted on (even though I’d thought so much about it earlier) was that I’d pretty much look a mess! Despite the lovely ladies from Beauty Lounge having gone above and beyond to protect my hair from the facial mask, and oils, and all that jazz, my hair wasn’t what you’d call on form! Added to that my no make-up look (not one I can pull off without looking ill) and I headed to the boutiques in fear of a Pretty Woman style rejection. I must admit I did go with one of my “expensive” hand bags just to try and give the idea that I belonged…

I must admit however that my fears were mostly built on the fact that I’m so not used to this kind of shopping. Or clothes shopping in general. I was worrying for nothing! The ladies in both shops were so helpful that I felt a little guilty for being too chilled out from my facial to be the ideal customer.  Despite finding some lovely dresses I decided today was not the day for buying my dress! I suppose that’s a good excuse to hit the shops again!

So even though I didn’t find a dress, I’ve had a lovely day out with my Mum and discovered a salon that I’d definitely recommend (Beauty Lounge in Armthorpe) and will probably visit again (I was rather intrigued by the sound of the “bamboo massage” which the lady before me had!). A lovely way to spend my day and while I drink my bubbles I’m left wondering where the rest of my Saturday will take me…

So good night for now my lovelies! I’m just going to leave you with the knowledge that there are some BIG changes coming in my life over the next few months!

There may even be an announcement of some kind in my next blog…


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