If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you may be aware I was lucky enough to win a free month at a rather nice gym in Doncaster a couple of weeks ago as well as a full body massage. It really is a rather lovely gym, it’s also being updated at the moment so it’s in the process of becoming even lovelier, with brand spanking new equipment being put in. So I thought I’d give you a quick update on how well my gym experience is going in my attempts to get my body summer ready!

I think I’m doing quite well really, you’d be proud…

When I say I’m doing well…

I mean I’m getting quite creative. In that I’ve never had to use the same excuse twice! Every day I’ve had the full intention of going to the gym but always managed to find quite a good excuse to stay away, some of them are even quite plausible! See what you think, have you used any similar excuses?

  1. My hair needs washing- I realise I can do this at the gym, that’s probably quite a good idea to be fair. But I wouldn’t like to go to the gym looking a mess and washing my hair is quite a long process, it really would take all night!
  2. My hair has just been washed- It really is a long process to wash and dry my hair. It seems a shame to go through all that effort for fresh hair, to then go to the gym and get it all sweaty and full of chlorine. That would mean washing my hair again and I really don’t want to have to start washing it daily.
  3. I forgot to get a towel- I even went as far as to get my swimming costume out ready to put in my gym bag this day, this was the closest I’ve been to actually going to the gym! But I’d forgotten to pack myself a towel so how would I get dry? I do have a suspicion that the gym actually provide towels but hey…
  4. I’m full of cold- It’s really not the best idea to be going to the gym when I feel so poorly and risk spreading it around the gym. I wouldn’t be performing at my best anyway!
  5. My chronic illness is flared up- this one was pretty genuine, I’ve had quite a few bad days with my stomach recently and I don’t see the sense in going to the gym if I’ve not been able to eat for a few days.
  6. Online sale- Now I’m quite the fan of Cath Kidston, and I also love Dalmatians. So when Cath Kidston announced they were working with Disney to release a limited edition line of 101 Dalmatians bags and accessories I felt like it was my birthday! So the evening of the online presale needed to be strictly ordered! I had to be home, with everything sorted in time to have a Cath Kidston tab loaded on every electronic device at my fingertips- you know just in case… Too much was relying on my success to take a chance on a trip to the gym!
  7. Got to get back for the dogs- I suppose most people find it more relatable if I say get back home for the kids- but I don’t have those! My dogs are my kids and I like to get home in time to pick them up from kennels at a reasonable hour. Wouldn’t want them to be stuck out in the kennels in this weather. This excuse has been used in both torrential rain and glorious sunshine, all in the last two weeks! Got to love British weather.
  8. Bad day- I’m sure we’ve all had them (some more than others) and I’m also sure that some people respond to bad days by hitting the gym and hitting it hard. I however, respond in a slightly different way. I find that nothing helps after a bad day more than a nice bath, accompanied by a nice glass (or two, or three) of bubbles!
  9. It’s my mum’s birthday- I can’t be wasting mum’s birthday sweating at the gym (this is despite the fact Mum was actually away for her birthday, so I wouldn’t see her anyway).
  10. We are celebrating mum’s birthday- I didn’t get to see her for her actual birthday, now she’s back it really would be unfair to go to the gym and miss out on the celebrations.
  11. It’s the dog’s birthday- I do treat my dogs like my kids, and I’m sure you wouldn’t go to the gym on your child’s birthday would you? Despite the fact she doesn’t know why she’s getting all these lovely presents (I did get a little carried away) I still need to celebrate it with her.
  12. I don’t want to turn into “beetroot face”, which I undoubtedly will.
  13. It’s Friday Night- What more needs to be said? Friday nights are for bubbles not breaking a sweat.
  14. It’s Saturday Night- say no more

Then there’s the final and potentially most important reason-

I just don’t really want to go!


So you may have worked out that I’ve had my gym memberships for two weeks and have successfully come up with 15 different excuses for not going (of varying standards). This means that to date I’ve managed to go to the gym a grand total of zero times in the two weeks since my very first trip! And I even have enough excuses to get out of it tomorrow as well! It does however mean that the only attempts I’ve actually made towards the summer body is plenty of dog walking!

You can clearly tell that once I set my mind to do something I’m really good at achieving it…

So while I’m on the subject of achieving targets I perhaps should make another confession. In the two months since I was challenged to go on one date a month, I’ve managed a whopping zero dates! You can see how I’m winning at life right now! (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

So what’s your best excuse to avoid the gym?

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