This week’s blog is about Commitments… not about my fear of but about the Roddy Doyle musical: The Commitments!

Bought for my mum as a Christmas present what feels like two decades ago (in reality two years ago), you could say we have had plenty of time to look forward to this day out. Despite being so long awaited it nearly didn’t happen!

Two weeks before our planned day out, we discovered there was a train strike due to happen on the very same day!
So I set to work researching alternatives, we could book a room at a hotel but would still need to travel in or out of the city on the strike day. We could get the bus but that takes a crazy amount of time! We could drive I suppose but I don’t cope well with driving into unknown (or any) city centres and I didn’t want mum to drive as it was meant to be her treat.  All this was whirling through my mind for about a week, seemingly getting no closer to solving the problem and becoming more frustrated that our day out was spoilt!

It wasn’t until Mum pointed out that just because Northern were on strike  didn’t mean all the train companies were on strike that I realised how stupid I’d been! I’d heard “train strike” and assumed all trains were off! My blonde alter ego (who my uncle nicknames “Pheobe”, I can’t imagine why!) didn’t stop to realise that our planned train was with a COMPLETELY different company!

So with our trains running and tickets booked, we hopped on board with our plastic beakers full of bubbles and we were keen to enjoy the day and start the Easter holidays in style (even if I was feeling slightly delicate from the night before…).

Now I had actually seen the Commitments musical in London and I absolutely LOVED it!!! So I came to the tour with all expectation of a similar experience.  Having survived the train journey packed with football fans we headed to Pizza Express for a little pre theatre dining and drinks. I quickly discovered it was the carbs I needed to make me feel human again! So I perked up in time to enjoy the show.

I’m not going to spend forever going into details about the plotline of the show, if you’ve seen the film you will know anyway. But the combination of a great soundtrack, good choreography and some amazing vocals made it a show worth watching! It was made even better by a crowd of people set to enjoy themselves, making you feel like you could really get involved.

The highlight of the show for me by far was the point when the main “show” ends and you basically just have a bit of a dance party! All the crowds on their feet shaking their tush to a bit of Mustang Sally. I’d put my comfiest heels on so I was all set to throw some shapes to Try a Little Tenderness (a mental picture I’m sure you’d rather forget). What I wasn’t quite so well prepared for was the cobbled streets of Manchester and how they shredded my feet!

I did hint in my last blog that there may be a little bit of  news coming your way shortly, so I feel it is time to confess all…

I’ve handed in my notice and will be leaving my current job at the end of this school year! I’ve had a fantastic five years working with some pretty amazing people, but sometimes the time comes for a change and for me the time is now! So there is a little uncertainty about what the future holds for me but I can say for certain there will be more blogs in store for you guys!!! (I’m sure you are breathless with anticipation!)



3 thoughts on “BIG NEWS!!!

  1. I still have to wait till September to see a musical that I got as a Christmas present. I have waiting since Fall of 2012 just hoping to see Rent live someday and it never seemed to tour. So after hearing about the 20th anniversary tour and it heading to my hometown, I hoped my parents would take me. I cannot believe I am seeing Rent in September, basically five years since I first fell in love with it


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