So we are in the midst of an extra long weekend which is hopefully fun filled for my lovely readers! Normally bank holidays don’t mean much to me, its just more days to live the life of a hermit! But seeing as though I have this newfound mission to get myself a life; my bank holiday weekend has been rather more interesting than normal and we are only just getting started!

Before I get started I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog! I was completely stunned by how many of you lovely people had taken the time to read my crazy thoughts and  those of you who cared enough to share posts (even if its a share on Facebook) are my absolute heroes! So thank you so much! I’m inclined to think that so many people read last week’s post because of the big news I revealed! Perhaps I should reveal some new secret each week so you have something to look forward to! I’m hoping between you and I we can work out what I’m going to do with my life in the next few weeks (as I’m not going to lie, at the moment its all a little up in the air!).

Back to business…

This week started out with some pretty exciting news! My beautiful best friend got engaged to her partner so I started my long weekend with a girly evening of bubbles and wedding excitement! We had a night at hers, watching Bride Wars (I’m sure the first of many bridal films to come) binging on a pretty spectacular chicken pasta while we devoured pictures on Pinterest for inspiration!

Up next was a girls day at Meadowhall! Did I mention I think  day drinking is the future? So Good Friday was spent with some good friends, browsing the shops under the influence of TGI’s cocktails. I’ll point out that last time my friend and I had a day like this, my credit card took a slight beating and her and her husband discovered they were expecting not long after! So I must admit I am rather interested to see how this ends for us both….

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been in the position I found myself in that day. I had in my mind a few things that I could do with, that special dress for Jade’s wedding, a nice jacket for the warmer weather, possibly some new shoes. So with credit card in hand we hit the shops… Did I find anything I like? No chance, So a day full of shopping and all I had to show for it was a slightly sore head and some pretty special treats I indulged in from Hotel Chocolat! After last time’s disastrous shopping trip (some of you may remember my Pretty Woman moment) I am starting to panic I won’t have anything to wear for Jade’s wedding… So I could look pretty interesting on the day!

The meal however was pretty amazing! It has been far too long since I’ve indulged in TGI’s JD glazed sesame chicken strips and spent some quality time with Steph and Sarah and I managed to do both of these things in one meal! We chatted and giggled so much I managed to hit my head on the decorations at one point! The one thing I have to say (and I’m not trying to sound like a food critic here) is that my steak was pretty disappointing. I’m not a massively fussy eater, apart from having a few (or maybe a lot) of dietary requirements, when it comes to the food I’m allowed, I would say I’m easily pleased but the steak was such a let down I couldn’t finish it!

Slight disappointment aside, the service was friendly and the cocktails were pretty memorable (I’d recommend the Pretty in Pink).

Up next on my bank holiday social schedule is a trip to Cupcakes2Love in Doncaster! We attempted to be “Ladies who Lunch” but also still children at heart as we had booked the “Beauty and the Beast” themed afternoon tea.  The tables were decorated beautifully (even down to the Chip mug and Mrs Potts!) and we sat down prepared to be pleased! I don’t think I can find the appropriate adjective to describe how much I enjoyed the food (I realise I’ve chatted about food quite a lot so far so I’m starting to run out!) and the combination of show tunes and hit music they played gave the place a  really good atmosphere! I’d definitely recommend a trip there but would point out that if you fancy a visit its worth booking at least two weeks in advance! I’m personally looking forward to trying out the Harry Potter themed alternative! Any takers?

So far my weekend has been filled with food (in great quantities) and great friends! But we are only halfway through this bank holiday weekend so who knows what is yet to come? Up next is a bank holiday trip to Newcastle to celebrate Katie’s engagement with our friend Rachel (and I suppose there may be some bubbles included somewhere).  What have you guys got planned? I’d love to hear all about your weekends!


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