Well my calendar seems to have been rather eventful recently! Despite this messing up my opportunities for early nights, I have definitely been enjoying myself! In this week’s blogisode, it’s another little adventure with my step-sister Jo and our friend’s (I say our friend’s, they are really Jo’s but I’m hoping to adopt them as my own as well if they’ll have me) Alexa and Lydia. It was a glorious bank holiday and we had our dresses on ready to get some sun (and some drinks) as we wandered around Leeds.


Alexa’s dad had very kindly offered to take us all to the station and as they picked us all up, and we made it to the station in good time, even with an added outfit change on route worthy of a quick change act in Britain’s Got Talent! After all this rushing to get to the station, imagine our joy (or lack of it) when we got to the station to discover our train had been cancelled! I swear I should stop getting trains, I always seem to have some sort of dilemma on them! So we headed outside the station to wait for our rail replacement bus… With its dusty chairs that looked like a reject from the 1970s and its distinctly oniony smell, nobody can say we didn’t start the day in style! Haha! Bubbles for the train journey seemed quite a nice way to begin our adventure, but as we cracked them open on the bus, it almost felt like we were breaking some kind of social rule! Not that we let that stop us!


We’d booked a restaurant in plenty of time thinking we could stop at a few bars on our way there! Well you must have worked out by now how well my plans tend to go….

So with the added delays of the bus and the A1, we only managed to get to the restaurant in time to quickly discover its bar before being seated. We were booked in at Gino’s restaurant in Leeds, I’d seen lots of hype about it on Facebook so was quite keen to see what the fuss was about! I was actually pleased we had to change our plans, as the restaurant boasts a “Prosecco bar” where we made ourselves comfortable as we waited for the table. Imagine my disappointment. Being forced to go to a bar dedicated to prosecco… What is the world coming to?


It was a rather swish looking bar, and I’m not much of a wine connossceur (I don’t even know how to spell connosseur) but this was the best tasting bubbles I’d had in a long time! Not to mention that it came in some of the nicest looking little flutes I’ve ever seen! If anybody happens to know where they come from I’d be your biggest fan!


We also had some fun playing around with the photobooth! Even if you aren’t eating there I’d definitely recommend a trip to Gino’s Prosecco Bar!


But when it comes to the food it was absolutely worth the trip! I’d definitely be up for eating there again! Admittedly it was rather “fancy”, in that, if you want past with your meatballs, you have to order it extra! To be fair, those that ate the meatballs (accompanied by some rather tasty looking bread) did say they were full afterwards, but I couldn’t help thinking the main dishes looked a little lonely without their accompaniments! Despite this, I ordered a pizza (you may find I eat pizza a lot! It’s one of the few things I’m “safe” to eat in a restaurant without having to be awkward) and pizza really doesn’t need anything else, it’s perfect as it is!

I also tried a rather interesting dessert, I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s some kind of combination of ice cream, biscuit and coffee! It stood out because I noticed they have recently announced it on the Jimmy Piggs menu near me, so I thought I’d try it! After my first experience I will definitely be nipping to Jimmy Piggs soon for another fix, it was gorgeous!

After this we made our way to a few different bars to sample their cocktails! We tried a few different places in the general Trinity area, and had to give the Alchemist another try! Last time I went, I made the mistake of getting too adventurous with my choice of cocktail, much as I hate to leave alcohol, there was no way I could finish that particular monstrosity! So on this occasion I played it safe, and thankfully I enjoyed sipping away at my drink while we did a little “people watching”, gazing around at all the designer handbags and clothes (and sometimes faces) that were on show…

We tried a couple of other bars that are frequently suggested when going to Leeds as well, but the queue for Angelica’s was back to the lift and we didn’t fancy that! Plus we could barely move in the Botanist so we did a swift U-turn and went off in search of somewhere a bit quieter!

We tootled over the road and discovered a nice little bar with two for one on their cocktails and some pretty good music! We were sipping on two for one Bellini’s and the bar tenders were belting out old school classics as they did their stuff! Much more impressive than the slightly cocky throwing of the alcohol bottles (what a waste if they get dropped!) and twirling of the cocktail shakers that we witnessed at the Alchemist. We even managed a bit of a boogie ourselves!


Having called at another (or maybe a few other) bars we decided the time had come to head home! We even made a friend on the train home, his favourite conversation starter was apparently “What’s your favourite soup flavour?” Because who wouldn’t want to know that? But when I jokingly asked his favourite flavour of crisps, it was clearly the most stupid question I could have asked…

We did decide we weren’t quite ready for home so we decided to have a trip to the local before heading to bed. We sat outside and watched the sun go down as we put the world to rights and discussed allsorts! We ended up stopping rather late, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I have wine I want food! So when we discovered that they had stopped serving food we were a little bit devastated! We decided to end the night on a high by being cheeky and ordering take away cheesy chips to be delivered to the beer garden! I’m not going to lie, I reckon those around us were jealous! It may be the bubbles talking but they were pretty spectacular cheesy chips!


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