So one of the main reasons that I started this blog is because I felt I needed a life. I work really hard and I also have a chronic illness. I’m sure many of you guys work really hard and we can all agree it is exhausting! Having a chronic illness and working so hard can make it even more so! This is why I ended up without much of a life. Anytime when I didn’t need to be doing anything I’d hibernate and save my energy for my day to day life. So something had to change and the “Get a Life” blog has made a massive difference.

But in the interests of being honest with my readers I thought it was time for a little reality check! I describe my life by the interesting events that happen (or at least I try to make them sound interesting) and it sounds like I’m non-stop partying! But in reality that’s just editing. Plus if I’m being honest, when I have my busy weekends (or heaven forbid a mid-week event) it really takes its toll on me.

So I thought I’d blog about one of my quiet weekends.

I’m not going to lie, after a busy week at work I can often be found in my pyjamas by 6pm (if I’m being brutally honest there is the odd occasion where it’s more like 5pm) having done a big cleaning spree straight after work while I was still on a roll. So with the house fettled and tea ordered (let’s face it, Friday night is pizza night, straight out of the box or don’t bother) I head for a bath. I could make myself sound all glamorous and chique, describing the use of unicorn bath bombs from the latest beauty store and essential oils while I lay cucumbers on my eyes and the face mask dries as I sip a glass of bubbles. But like I say, I’ve been working hard all week and quite frankly the thought of even dropping in a couple of bath bombs I got cheap on Amazon seems like too much of an effort, let alone a full on beauty ritual! The one thing that is definitely a feature however is the glass of bubbles, this is a must!

With pyjamas on I am in for the night and praying that we don’t get any people who happen to “call in” and find my informal attire inappropriate. So that’s my Friday night. Bubbles and pyjamas on, sat watching rubbish TV as I scroll through Facebook and see how interesting everybody else’s Friday night appears to be! Again in the interests of pure honesty, I consider myself lucky if I’m still awake by 10pm

From there my weekend is pretty samey. My days normally start walking my pooches. I always want to try out new routes, but never know where to go so end up mostly doing the same route! Somewhere in there I will squeeze in a visit to my Grandad or have a nice meal with my family, I may even spice it up a little with a trip to the supermarket or perhaps some more cleaning (why not live life on the edge….). After I’ve indulged in bubbles its also entirely possible I may get carried away with a little online shopping (it’s always nice to be surprised by the presents you bought yourself when tipsy!). You can count on the fact that if I have nowhere to be, I will be wearing the comfiest clothes available (often taking the form of pyjamas) and wearing as little make up as I can reasonably get away with.


It is also inevitable that at some point in the weekend I can be found in front of the television! Probably watching “Grey’s Anatomy” box sets with my mum or treating myself to a Pride and Prejudice marathon (always the Colin Firth version or it’s just not worth bothering). We’ve even treated ourselves to one of those fire pit thingymabobs recently so sometimes we spice things up by sitting out in the garden with the dogs and our bubbles as the fire crackles. Then at some point on Sunday I’ll get my laptop out and begin my preparations for the week ahead.


So there we have it! How rock and roll is my life? Admittedly these weekends happen far less frequently than they did at one point in the not too distance past. My “Get a Life” blog appears to be working! Even if it doesn’t get read, I am actually attempting to get out of the house and out of my comfort zone. I’ve really been enjoying all the activities I’ve been up to recently, especially because they make me enjoy my lazy weekends so much more! I do feel that I’m ready to try something a little bit different, any suggestions? Hopefully my upcoming trip to Canada (I don’t think I’ve mentioned that yet? Much? Haha) will provide a few opportunities to try new things. How do you like to spend your lazy weekends?


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