It’s been a relatively quiet week here at “Get a Life Headquarters” this week, so it got me to thinking about some of my “getting a life” opportunities that I haven’t had chance to blog yet!

One experience I’d quite like to repeat is when my Grandma invited me to the local for an evening to see a psychic medium! So off to the Glasshouse we went for a night with Dione Riley- spiritualist to the stars (I’m not entirely sure that she works with what you might call “stars” but my Grandma is a fan so that counts in my opinion!).

I will admit my night began rather awkwardly. My friend and I met at the Glasshouse early for drinks, knowing that my Grandma and some other family members would be joining us later on. Having been given specific advice about where Grandma normally sits I headed into the function room determined to get the right “spot”. I was pleased that we had met early for drinks as the room was heaving and by the time the rest of my family got there, the best spot might have been sitting on the DJ’s lap! To give the staff at the Glasshouse their credit, they did an amazing job of wheeling out more chairs. Clearly more people had arrived than anticipated and they did their best to ensure we all felt welcome.

Having acquired our seats, I headed to the bar to get our drinks in. What I hadn’t counted on was Mum and the rest of the family arriving while I was in the queue! This put me in a rather difficult position! By now the line was rather long so I was reluctant to leave as you can imagine! But having never met my friend, my family were searching for new seats while I attempted some kind of mime act worthy of a silent movie in my efforts to get their attention and send them in the direction of our seats, while simultaneously trying to get their drinks order in before it was my turn at the bar! I’m sure you can imagine how cool, calm and collected I looked! Waving my arms around like Phoebe Buffet on a run through Central Park, drawing the attention of everyone in the room APART from the four people I was aiming for!

So eventually drinks were obtained and we settled into our seats ready for the evening to begin.

Now I must admit I hadn’t actually made a decision yet as to whether or not I believe in the whole “psychic” situation. After years of watching “Most Haunted” as a guilty pleasure, I think the most accurate way of describing me is that I want to believe, but am also quite sceptical. So willing to have my opinion decided one way or the other, I was interested to see how the night would go!

I will give Dione credit, she was very firm in saying that when she speaks to people she only wanted “Yes” or “No” answers, to ensure people didn’t give too much away! What I feel she should have pointed out before hand was that actually answering her questions is a start, even if you give away too much! The amount of times people sat there and ignored her while she tried to give them more details to encourage a response, I get that it’s a shock if somebody “comes through” but is yes or no really so hard to achieve?

Another thing that I really feel needs to be brought up, something that to this day makes my blood boil, is the use of common sense! Now I know I’m not the best of people when it comes to common sense (as I’m sure you’ll discover if you’ve been reading my posts for long enough) but even I have the common sense to see through some of the “blonde moments” we were witness to that night!

There was this one woman Dione was talking to. Apparently somebody was making communication with a connection to the name “Ray”. She was met with blank looks followed by an outright no. After five minutes of Dione giving more and more information about the connection it was discovered that it was the lady in questions grandfather. The lady however denied this as her grandfather was called Raymond…

I mean really?


There was also the lady who didn’t appear to see the connection between the words Nan and Grandma. Is it wrong if I took pleasure in not being the most “blonde” person there?

I will say that even though this was somewhat of a wildcard suggested by my Grandma for my “Get a life” mission, I really enjoyed my evening. Even though I knew that there was only one person I was close to who might have been able to “come” that evening (unless you believe dogs can communicate with a psychic medium) I held my breath every time Dione announced that a new person was trying to get in touch with her. It was a strange sensation, part of me was fascinated by the thought somebody might communicate with me or my family, while the other part of me was equally terrified by the thought it might actually happen! But despite communicating with the lady in front, behind and to the side of me, Dione mercifully (or possibly unfortunately) left me alone!

By the end of the evening I must admit that, even though I still cannot say I completely believe; there was a lot of information Dione was able to give that she couldn’t possibly have gotten in any other way. If it was just the odd piece of information, I’d be inclined to believe those who suggest psychic mediums do their “research” before the show begins. But on more than one occasion people were shocked by how accurate her “information” was, down to private conversations about stretch marks and medical testing!

Now my lovely readers, I leave you with this question…

Do you believe? Have you got any proof? Any stories you can tell me that might help me to decide?


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