So following my last blog post, Katie and I are up in our hotel rooms, sipping on champagne cocktails as we get ready for the evening ahead. It was quite the comedy act as we popped our robes back on at the spa and attempted to make it through the hotel and all the way to our room without being sighted….We found a sneaky lift which we decided to take, getting out at the first floor to avoid the main lobby area, before walking to the other lifts which would get us to our rooms. It was only the following morning when we again headed to the spa, that the first lift would have gotten us all the way to our room anyway! WE spied our first hen do of the evening, flocking into the lift and attempting to take a “lift selfie” to record their evening.

Attempting our own lift selfie

Another discovery we quickly made was that lighting in hotel rooms is particularly shocking! I don’t mean to be critical of this particular hotel, I think it’s just hotels in general. If you get the bathroom mirror, the lights are so bright you look partially dead! But any of the other mirrors in the room pretty much function on natural light alone which doesn’t quite cut it if you want your make up to look the part. I found myself trying to juggle my make up while also balancing my phone so that the torch could shine a light in the right direction as I attempted to paint my face into some kind of acceptable look.

Having looked at the photos afterwards I discovered I was not successful!

So with our game faces on (successfully or not) we decided to have a quick picture before we headed out for the  evening! Only the quick part wasn’t quite what we planned. Maybe I’m out of practice with the whole “hotel door selfie thing”, or maybe now that I’m older, it’s harder work to snap a moderately acceptable picture. Having taken a pic or two (hundred) we decided it was a hopeless mission and sacked it off in favour of food!


Which leads me to the biggest disappointment of the evening…

The food!

I have admitted before that having a chronic illness can make ordering food at a restaurant quite painful and frustrating at times. Having such a concern, I have made it a habit of mine to check out the menu before hand to check I’d find something. Imagine my panic when I searched the web for hours and still was unable to find a menu!  In the end I resorted to emailing and telephoning the restaurant before eventually being sent the menu.

It was however, the main menu. We had the meal included as part of the deal, which meant we’d be able to choose our three courses from a more restricted menu. I was told that if I really struggled I’d be able to order from the main menu up to a value of £15 so I figured it would be okay!

When we made it to the restaurant, the menu we were given looked less than appealing! There were plenty of options, I’d say around five per course for us to select. However only two from the entire menu I was allowed and only one of which I liked. I briefly considered asking to order from the main menu but didn’t like to be awkward. The one thing I liked was a main meal so I figured, even if I couldn’t eat a starter or a dessert, if I could eat a main then it would all be good!

So I ordered a starter I didn’t like and ate none of it as I looked forward to my chicken and potatoes (essentially that’s all it was by the time I’d taken off all the things I couldn’t eat). When it came I realised my error! I’d forgotten to ask about the potatoes! It seems they were new potatoes in the skin- so I couldn’t eat them! I couldn’t have anything on the desserts menu so I managed to eat a rather large meal of… one chicken breast! Left me feeling starving all night and  quite upset with this stupid stomach of mine!

On the more positive note, as we headed out for the evening it made buying our cocktails much cheaper! Eating is cheating and all that…(drink responsibly guys!…). My decision to brave heels for the evening made dancing quite difficult (and painful) however we had quite a good time exploring the nice little bars in the local area. We ended the night in a bar that had a cute little patio area with blankets we could wrap up in as it turned chilly!

Big highlight of the weekend was as we headed down to the spa the next morning to swim off our headaches and it was empty! It had been so busy the day before I couldn’t believe our luck. It seems all the hen dos we had seen the day before (isn’t it funny how with these kind of deals, you bump into the same people all weekend) must still have been sleeping off their hangovers or crying into their coffee! You’d be proud of me with all my exercise avoiding skills when I admit that I even did some lengths. Not just one or two for show, I think I stopped at about 60! Admittedly that may not be a lot to many people but I struggle with exercise and was quite proud of myself!

After a trip into the thermal suite we got ready and headed home. We wanted to make use of all the spa facilities before leaving, yet funnily enough I decided to neglect a second trip into the ice igloo. I can’t imagine why…

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