This week’s blogisode sees me on a train on route to Sheffield with some of my colleagues for a little theatre trip. It’s kind of our last big outing as a group before I leave my job (three more days left! Can’t believe it has come so soon) so we were quite keen to enjoy ourselves! Plus it had been a while since we had properly seen each other outside of work so things were about to get real!


Unfortunately however, there were two setbacks as we started our day! I was at the station before everyone else and it was a red hot day, so I decided to treat myself to an iced coffee for the journey (check me out on soft drinks on a girly day out!) but the lady from Costa misheard me and I ended up with a hot coffee! Its not that I don’t like hot coffee, but you know when you’ve been looking forward to something so much, and then the reality doesn’t live up to expectations… I knew I should have gone to Starbucks!

The other setback was that our little group was missing an arm! We were a man down! Steph couldn’t come with us which was a massive shame. We were still determined to enjoy the day, but we were missing a member.

Slightly giddy as we all shared the unwanted coffee (pfft Costa!) we managed to get an earlier train than expected. This got us to Sheffield early meaning we had a while to go before our table reservations. If you’ve read my blogs before, you won’t be surprised to learn we were headed towards Ego in Sheffield, the land of the heavenly garlic bread and 2 for 1 cocktails! We decided to head to the restaurant anyways, thinking we could make use of the extra time by trying out some 2 for 1 cocktails. We were lucky in that our table was ready so we got seated about half an hour early!

We set to work looking through the menu,  is it wrong we went straight to the cocktails menu? The only thing with the cocktail deal is that you have to order two of the same  cocktail. I remember at one point saying “well we can just order two each, we’ll probably be there for long enough to drink two drinks right?” How naive I was…

We ordered our 2 for 1 drinks, did a little mixing and matching between us and somehow managed to finish those before we even ordered food! A round (or three) later, some pretty impressive garlic bread and pizza had been eaten (or in some cases inhaled haha) and we were ready to head towards the theatre for the show to begin. I must admit our waitress probably felt like our best friend by the end of it! We weren’t particularly in the mood for Maths and calculating change, so its entirely possible she got quite a substantial tip!


We did manage a few pictures along the way….


As we headed across the square, towards the theatre, there was some kind of event going on. There was a troupe of young girls preparing for some kind of dance show. We got closer to the theatre and the music kicked in and myself and Rachel got a little bit carried away! They were dancing to a track from “Bugsy Malone” and we decided a little impromptu dancing in the street was needed.


We settled into our seats at the theatre and prepared for the show to begin. Before mentioning what we got up to next, I perhaps should mention that we were going to see “Dreamboats and Petticoats”. I won’t tell go into too much detail about the plot of the show, or the generation of music it involves. However, I will admit that as I was looking around the theatre, I spotted my friends seemed quite amused. So I asked them what was so entertaining.  It seemed they’d invented a game. It was called “spot the full head of hair…” haha.


As much as we enjoyed the plot and the show, I think the highlight was Sarah’s cheer of appreciation when “I’m a Wanderer” came on, or my excitement when “Runaround Sue” came on, after I’d been looking forward to it all through the show! Of course it wouldn’t be right to go and see a show like that without a teensy bit of dancing in the aisles,  I am quite a fan of a post show boogie.

I even somehow managed to get a free drink during the interval! Although after those 2 for  1 cocktails it is entirely possible I just ordered it and forgot!

Sadly though, the show came to an end and we headed toward the train station, heads full of plans for our next trip out!


The major surprise of the day came when we’d got back to Doncaster station and the majority of our party had found their lifts home. It was about 7 pm and Sarah waited with me as I was waiting for a train back. Then came the throwaway comment that changed the entire shape of the day…

“Shall we have one more drink while we wait?”

So off we tootled into Doncaster, entirely determined to have an early night. In fact we needed to have an early night because Sarah had an Asda delivery expected around 9. Before we knew it, it was 3am and we were on our way home! We headed to a couple of different of bars and I remember being extremely disappointed when Flares wasn’t yet open. So we decided to head to a couple of other bars while we waited. We met some pretty interesting people and had a pretty spectacular time. The kind of night out that can’t be forgotten in a hurry. I think sometimes the impromptu ones are! We were so happily enjoying ourselves that Sarah even got a taxi home, sorted her Asda delivery and then made her way back into town!


The night out itself could be a whole other blog! But that may have to come later, for now I need to do some research. By research I mean, try and remember enough information to actually tell you!

Anybody else had one of those random nights? Tell me all about them…


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