This week it is time for the much anticipated hen do of my lovely friend Jade. We were all set for a girly weekend to Leeds for food and bubbles.

Before I start, I do think it’s worth pointing out how amazing Jade’s bridesmaids were, I’m sure it can’t be easy organising a hen do like that and they did a cracking job. So many thoughtful touches it was lovely. While I’m on that note I should perhaps make a slight confession. To ease the organisation, we had a little group Facebook thing going on. What I didn’t realise was that Jade wasn’t actually a member of this group as some of the things were to be kept a secret….

So when we were asked to all get ourselves a pair of Minnie Mouse ears for the evening I thought it was a great idea! I was so excited when they came I was quick to send a Snapchat to all my friends #hendoaccessories. It was only then that I realised it was meant to be a surprise for Jade on the night! To be fair I think she was quite surprised when she immediately sent me a snap back, however I did give the game away a little too early! Sorry guys! There were plenty more surprises in store for her…

Now most of the hens had set off to Leeds early as they were going to do “Bubble Mania”. Some kind of zorbing style activity. I decided early on to avoid this as I didn’t want it to upset my stomach and spoil the rest of the day for me. As the time drew nearer, I began to wonder if I’d made the right decision. I was seeing the pics of the girls headed into leads and felt a little like I might have been missing out. But I must admit I managed to get a lay in and a chilled morning which was quite nice! By the time I got to Leeds and met the others at the hotel I was quite happy. Even though they did have an amazing time, some of them were sporting pretty impressive aches and pains, even the odd injury! So I knew I had probably made the right decision.

Now I decided to get ready for the evening before going into Leeds. I figured it would save the hassle of taking all my make up (because it takes a lot) and fighting the other girls for the mirror. This meant by the time I got there I could just sit on the bed and chat about what they’d been up to so far, while attempting to catch up after their  “breakfast bubbles” from the train. After finding about the afore mentioned Minnie Mouse ears, I had quite meticulously planned my outfit. I chose the black and red ears, knowing I wear quite a lot of black anyway so my outfit would match. I then had my nails done and went for a nice black and red combo. I even stole one of my mum’s red lipsticks for the evening (sorry Mum) so that I would match! Imagine my delight when the goody bags included pink sashes to wear…. Haha, they were lovely to be fair (well done bridesmaids) But is it wrong of me to wish they were red?

After we were all sufficiently glammed up and snapped a few hotel room outfit shots (as we all do…) we met in the reception of the hotel and headed towards our first point of the evening. We’d booked a restaurant called “The Liquorist” and we entered very ready for food! Especially those of the hens that had been burning calories at Bubble Mayhem. It was very busy downstairs (as I’m coming to realise most bars on Greek Street in Leeds are during the day) but we were swiftly escorted upstairs to the restaurant area, They had been expecting our party anyway but I believe the Minnie Mouse ears gave away who we were.

What followed was a pretty impressive meal, the food was Devine and the staff were extremely good about delivering so much food to so many people. They tried to get the food out as quickly as possible to avoid anybody waiting hungry while everybody else tucked in. They did have some confusion about mixed up orders, as you would expect when catering to so many people but Kirsty soon whipped things into shape with her spreadsheet and they very kindly let us keep any food made incorrectly, something not all restaurants would do! My only disappointment was that despite their best efforts, some meals did take a while to get out. My food came early on, but in my attempts to be polite and wait for others, my food went cold. but I suppose that is just one of the things when eating out in large parties.

This was when many of us were meeting each other for the first time, and the getting to know each other, initially had the potential to become quite awkward as we could only really speak to those we were sat with and we were concerned about leaving people out. It was a really good bunch of ladies though, and when the plates were cleared we lost no time in mingling around the room, breaking the ice with talk of Minnie Mouse ears and wedding outfits. It’s also entirely possible that the “bucket of bubbles” deal we spotted helped…

So with food eaten and bubble buckets gone (and a slight headache from working out how to pay the bill!) we were itching to begin a little tour of the local bars (and have a little boogie). Join me in part 2 to find out what it was that kept us so entertained that night….

Just a little note that as this blog goes live, if all goes to plan I will be setting sail on what I hope will be the holiday of a lifetime! Stay tuned over the next few weeks to hear more about my little adventure. Missflyingsolo is currently flying solo somewhere in the USA…


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