In last week’s blogisode, the hens and I were leaving the Liquorist in search of adventure for the evening!

We didn’t have to tootle very far as it turned out, we wandered a few doors down to discover the Alchemist. I’d only ever been to the Alchemist at Trinity before so this was new to me. We had a massive disappointment on entry though when we were informed by the bouncer that sashes were not allowed  (some of us who liked our outfit to match weren’t quite so disappointed) but chaos was caused as we were unhappily stowing our sashes back into our clutches for later in the evening and another hen party came strutting out of the bar with sashes boldly on display! But the bouncer was quite determined! So we obeyed, knowing full well we would put them back on once inside. I must say this sash on, sash off business was quite frustrating for those of us who had spent some time working out how to clip and grip and badge the buggers into place at the start of the night!


We also quite the stir in this bar, as a few of us hen’s chipped in and ordered what I think was called the “Zombie Apocalypse”, not sure if it doesn’t get ordered very often or if its just so lethal that they were impressed with our order! I decided to skip the syringe of some aniseed based spirit and concentrated on the cocktail as we attempted to find a table in the heaving bar, We were surprisingly successful in our mission!

Another mission of the evening was a little photo challenge. Those of the hens who had got the train with the bride, surprised her by meeting her with a mask of the groom on! Some of the hens decided to take theirs out with them and it then became the mission of the evening to see how many people we could persuade to pose for us with this mask on!

Despite our success in finding a table, a few of us did start to get itchy feet. It was time for a boogie. So we headed outside and began to discover how hard it could be to please everyone with our choice of bar, after some time was spent discussing where to go and no decision was made! So we headed off in a direction in the hope that we would find somewhere on the way. The plan worked as we headed into a bar after being enticed by some particularly catchy music we could hear from outside. I don’t actually know what the bar was called so I made it up! We were dancing to some good old fashioned cheesy music in there, belting out a bit of Spice Girls and having a dance off to the Macarena with another hen party (we totally smashed it). We even kicked our feet to a little Come on Eileen (you all know the moves we mean…) so this became known as the “Come on Eileen bar”.

The rest of the night passed by in a blur! But we definitely had a cracking night! We’d all been given Dare cards as part of our little goodie bags. It was quite entertaining as we all attempted to achieve our Dares, I must admit Rachel did a particularly good job with hers (you know what I mean 🙂 haha.


It also became known that even though most of the group were attached/married, myself and Rachel were the single girls of the party! It then seemed to become a little challenge to rest of the girls to find us a man!  It was quite entertaining I must admit, as they all tried to figure out our types, it even encouraged me to be a little braver than I might normally be! We were unsuccessful in our mission but we had fun trying! I even made a few friends along the way, and discovered how to do the snapchat bar code thing.

One thing did keep coming up in my conversations with these random drunk people. I may have mentioned before  but I very often used to get mistaken for Stacey Solomon. I haven’t heard this in ages! But even some of the girls were asked, “is that the real Stacey Solomon?”, after a while we started saying yes, it seemed more entertaining! There was even one guy who argued that I wasn’t Stacey Solomon, but I was actually Ferne McCann… I don’t see it!

One little disappointment I did have was that, early on when we discussed bars, somebody mentioned Popworld. Anybody who knows my taste in music will know how keen I was to head there! But despite several attempts,, and even making it to the queue at one point, we never actually made it into Popworld, maybe next time…

I must admit to being pleased I chose to wear flat shoes. I don’t often wear heels and it was a good job I stuck to my trusty Carvela pumps because even with those on, by the end of the night, after a really good boogie, our feet were in agony! We popped Google maps on and attempted our walk back to the hotel (via the chippy), we kept considering the idea of getting a taxi but it really wasn’t that far!

So an absolute corker of an evening, and having a really good laugh with some of the hens, we made it back to the hotel and attempted to sleep. The hotel wasn’t pure luxury, but it was pretty good for what we needed. But  is it just me who can never seem to sleep as well in a hotel bed? Especially when alcohol has been involved. Morning came and found us hen’s sleepily getting the train back, looking forward to chilled afternoons nursing sore heads and tired eyes!

After a cracking weekend, all I can say is- Bring on the wedding!


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