Having enjoyed my little adventure in Vancouver it was time to pack up and move on the next phase of my travels. The hotel was amazing and I’d totally stop with the company (Sheraton) again if given the chance. My room was huge! Quite luxurious compared to my airport hotel at Gatwick so after a half hearted attempt at unpacking I had decided not to bother! I was only in Vancouver for a few days anyway, so I left my suitcase open on the SPARE KING SIZE BED and lived out of that, The only unfortunate thing about that was, when it came to packing, I totally forgot I’d ever unpacked anything in the first place! Needless to say those bits that I did unpack are still somewhere in Vancouver! Just goes to show how important it is to check you’ve got EVERYTHING.

So after a short taxi ride to the cruise port, I got all checked in and set to work exploring the ship. By exploring the cruise ship, I mostly mean discovering what they had to offer at the bar! It was sail away party day after all…

Speaking of the ship I should perhaps mention I was sailing on the Celebrity Infinity, departing from Vancouver. This was mainly because I’d done some research into when and where the whales were most likely to be, which narrowed my selection of cruise ships down to those that covered a specific area at the end of July/August time. After that I was left with a few different companies so I did some more research. I have only ever been on the one cruise but from what I can gather, each cruise company has a different “atmosphere” and caters to a different demographic. So I think it’s important to do your research and make sure you sail with the right company for you if you ever consider cruising. For me that company was Celebrity!

We had a few hours after boarding the ship before we were to sail away, but we were as yet unable to access our cabins. So after a brief tour of the main areas of the ship, I found a good spot on one of the top decks and set to work on enjoying the Vancouver sunshine. After all, our next stop was Alaska so we needed to make the most out of it while we could!

One thing I noticed on my tour of the ship, was that the staff are pretty keen on upselling! Now cruises aren’t exactly cheap, but there are also lots of ways they can become more expensive. There’s the photo packages, the internet, the shore excursions, the “special meal” packages. All rather lovely but if you indulge in them all it will get real expensive real quick. I did some research into these things before hand and had already purchased the add ons I felt would optimise my holiday experience. I think this was the best idea as it meant I was able to get what I wanted without having the pressure of the upsell on ship.

With the combination of the all inclusive bar and the “start of the holiday” feeling, the atmosphere on the ship was pretty good. I was surprised by how much the age ranges varied on the ship, and was pleased to see that I was not the only one of my age group on board as I started to mingle. I’d made a start on the bubbles (pretty impressive and all inc) but quickly realised that it was barely lunchtime! If I was to make it to the sail away, let alone to the celebrations in the evening, perhaps prosecco wasn’t the way forward! So I sampled the holiday drink above all holiday drinks…the Pina Colada!

Speaking of sail aways, I will admit to being slightly underwhelmed by the party. Don’t get me wrong the entertainment staff were working their socks off and there were songs we could have a boogie to. But most of the passengers were that busy watching the sights (the same sights we’d been looking at since boarding can I just point out) that they didn’t bother joining in.

Eventually they announced our cabins were ready and I decided I should probably move. So with another Pina Colada in hand, I went down to my cabin to un pack and begin my preparations for the evening. The cabin steward also came to introduce himself to me. I was kinda pleased he arrived when he did, as ten minutes later I’d have been all set to get my shower on and things would have been pretty awkward!

Join me next time to find out how that first night on the ship went!

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