Despite a little over indulgence during the day (did I mention I think day drinking is the way forward?) I actually made it to the evening part of my first day on board Celebrity Infinity. Some people were not so fortunate! They clearly hadn’t made the decision to change to a “safer” drink, I believe I heard shots mentioned a few times!

After a slightly awkward introduction to my cabin steward bless him, I got myself ready for the evening. Now you hear many things about appropriate attire for cruises. One thing it is worth mentioning is that the first nights are often a lot more chilled out. People are later in getting ready thanks to the sail away party and have perhaps spent a lot of the day travelling, they’ve gotten a little bit carried away with the bar and quite frankly they are starving! I was prepared for this thanks to mum so it was more of a “jeans and a nice top” night, because we all love those!

First up on tonight’s agenda was dinner. I was slightly prepared for this because of my earlier wanderings. I’d made a stop at the restaurant earlier on in the day to double check they had received the information regarding my dietary requirements. They had informed me that the best way to make sure they can cater to my needs is to order my food in advance. So I’d ordered my evening meal shortly after boarding the ship, and from then on I would order my food for the next day before leaving the restaurant.

One of the reasons I feel cruising is great as a solo traveller is that you don’t have to eat alone if you don’t want to. On the first evening the hostess asked my preferences about eating alone/with company and from then on she always  made sure I’d be sat with others as I ate. For the first evening I was sat with two ladies, who, I’m trying to say this in a delicate way… were of a different generation to me. They were very different cruisers to me as well, perhaps what you imagine when you think of people who cruise!

Lets just say I was pleased to discover not all people on the cruise were like that! That’s quite a scathing comment coming from me, I’m usually quite a tolerant person! But they had clearly been on a fair few cruises and the bar was evidently set quite high! Every element of our meal and the service was disected by them, compared with other cruises and found wanting! They were quite sour faced throughout the whole meal! One of them even got up halfway through the meal and went to the shop, because they were holding a raffle, and she wanted to see if she had won!

What got me though was how inaccurate I found their comments. Perhaps its because I haven’t cruised much yet but the meal was amazing! Three courses cooked wonderfully, including a slab of beautifully cooked “prime rib” which I discovered for the first time while cruising! As well as a generous portion of creme brûlée which became a firm favourite of mine throughout the trip! Even the staff were lovely and couldn’t have done more to keep us happy!

I also met Fernando for the first time that night. You may hear me mention him quite a bit as I continue the next few blogs! I was quite fond of him! He was our restaurant sommelier and never liked to see empty glasses. Who can complain about having a steady flow of prosecco coming their way? In a way he was almost like the cruise celebrity! Like I say, I’m sure you’ll hear more of him later.

So with my appetite satisfied and my food ordered for the next day, I headed to the theatre for the first of many great theatre shows! On tonight’s agenda was a pretty funny comedian, even if he did get a little too carried away with the toilet humour for my personal taste!

I probably should mention before I say anymore, that the joy of cruising is that there is so much to do! Lots of fantastic activities and entertainment designed to appeal to a variety of people, all included in the price! But that doesn’t mean to say you have to do ALL of the activities. You can make your trip as relaxed or as activity packed as you like!

So following the comedian, I was pretty shattered. I figured I’d have a wander through the main areas and then head back to my cabin for an early night! HAHAHAHAHA

That didn’t happen!

On my wandering I discovered a little bar where they were doing karaoke so I thought I’d stop in there for a drink and a giggle. Whilst I sipped on my bubbles, it got me to thinking (don’t worry it didn’t hurt too much). Am I wrong in thinking karaoke should be exclusively for bad singers? To give an example, a group of giggly friends got up and attempted to perform Superbass by Nicki Minaj. Rapping sections and everything! They fell apart with laughter for half of it, there were bad notes thrown in all over the place but they were clearly having a great time! It was hilarious! I loved it. Then rocked up this guy who’d spent 45 minutes studying the song books in detail, before picking some Ed Sheeran number I’d never heard of! And he was amazing. He had a great voice, even add libbed a bit during an instrumental portion. But it was boring! The atmosphere wasn’t half as entertaining, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who felt it. Give me back the Super bass guys!

So is it just me? Should karaoke be for getting shown up, not showing off?

Having been to the theatre, and then the karaoke, that must be it for my night right? Well nope! Because on my way to the lift I discovered the silent disco in the martini bar. I’d never done a silent disco so it would be rude not to! I had a great time! Highlight of the first night by far! We were all tuned into different channels, some of doing the Macarena as others were cracking out Despacito, or something called the “cupid shuffle”, while I spent most of my time listening to some old school classics! I even got taught how to jive at one point, however my instructor was rather battered so I don’t think I did an especially great job…

The silent disco was the talk of the ship the day after so I was rather pleased I was able to join in the discussion!

In my next blog, prepare for plenty of wildlife! And maybe, just maybe, there may be some whales!

Just going to add this in the off chance someone can help me out. Later on in the blog you’ll discover I made some great friends including Charlotte, Annie and family from Texas.  Its a massive long shot but with all the chaos in Texas, I’m wondering if I can track them down and check they are okay? I know its a long shot, but if anyone happens to be from Texas and knows Charlotte and Annie who were on the Celebrity Infinity with their family on 30th July?!?! Id love your help! 

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