So I told some of you a few months ago that I had in fact put in my notice at my job of five years.  In summer the time came for me to leave but with it being the six weeks holidays, it didnt really kick in. Well as I write this post, my friends and colleagues have gone back for their first day at work, and I’m sat at home. I can now say reality has well and truly kicked in!

While im reflecting on the changes in my life, it seems a good opportunity to tell you all about my leaving do!

I’d had my final day at work and I’d  been well and truly spoilt by all the people I had worked with!

That evening my colleagues and I met up at the Red Lion in Doncaster, for a quick drink before heading to Zest for a meal.

I hadn’t been to Zest in a while and I love Mediterranean food so I was very much looking forward to it!

What can I say? Other than that by the end of the meal my cheeks were in pain from giggling! The food was delicious and the cocktails kicked in quite nicely! Some of my colleagues even had a little play around on the online dating apps, in an attempt to set me and a friend up with a date! We are all so busy at work that its rare we get the chance to spend much quality time with each other so this was a treat! Even if it did make me realise I would no longer be lucky enough to work with these fabulous people!

With our meals demolished it was time for a little dancing! If you know me well you can probably guess where we headed next?


With comedy glasses purchased (we were hoping for hats 😔) we got our groove on! One of my friends even braved it on the karaoke scene!

All in all it was an amazing night and we were left hoping to plan many more to come!

So what is next for me? I’m going to be doing some supply teaching to try and get more experience in a variety of schools, something I’m really looking forward to! But I’ve also taken on a little risk and decided to become a temple spa consultant! I fell in love with the products at my friend Laura’s class and can’t wait to start sharing them with other people!

If anyone is interested in temple spa, my website is here:

Or you could message me if you fancied holding a class, or even a 1 to 1 session to try out the fabulous products!

So for now, I am very much missing my old colleagues (who I hope will remain my good friends), but at the same time I am looking forward to facing some new challenges amd experiences…

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