If you are connected with me on social media, you may realise that a much awaited event has happened recently…

A few months ago I told you all about the hen do of my lovely friend Jade.

The time had come for the big day! After all the teas at Jade’s spent discussing the wedding and preparing things, I couldn’t believe it was actually here. As an honorary bridesmaid, I had been invited to spend the evening before the wedding with the bridesmaids and the bride. So the day before the wedding I headed round to Jade’s and after double and triple checking we had everything we needed in the car, we picked up the dress and made our way to the venue (after a little detour to McDonald’s).

I’d been really excited about this day, I’d even done a little play list of music to enjoy on our way to the venue in Pontefract. I will admit, I got a little carried away and had almost 3 hours of music for a 45 minute journey. What I hadn’t taken into account was that by the time we had collected the dress, we were half way there! So of all the 3 hours of music I’d prepared, I think we managed a whole 3 songs before arriving at the venue!

We got checked into the room and then began the process of emptying the car! Quite the mammoth task after all the effort that had gone into packing it! We then got settled into our room for the evening. It was quite a big room, with the idea being that all the bridesmaids plus Jade would be able to sleep in there and then get ready together the next day!

The rest of the bridesmaids then began to arrive and we were surprised to discover that Jade had made us all a beautiful little bridesmaids box! How cute are these!

After a bit of a catch up, we all headed down to the restaurant for afternoon tea and to make use out of the happy hour 2 for 1 cocktails! We’d decided that after all the stress of organising the wedding, from now on it was time to start enjoying it! So we started as we meant to go on!

Our intention had been to dress the room for the next day before heading up to the room for a pamper session. We discovered that the room wasn’t actually ready for us to set up yet, so we made an early start on the pampering with the intention of waking up early to dress the room. Just as we were onto our face masks (and a fair way into the prosecco) there was a knock at the door…

It seems it was the night manager, whose job is to dress the room! She made our lives much easier! So we headed down to the room (rocking our bride squad pjs) to show her how we wanted the room dressing.

Overall it was a lovely evening! Having not seen most of the girls since the hen do it was really nice to have a giggle and a catch up, all of us bursting with anticipation for the day to come. We decided to get an early night, to make sure we were ready for the big day! Lights were switched off and we all tucked ourselves in, knowing full well we’d not get a wink of sleep….

Join me next time to see how the big day went!

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