As you join me this week, I’m getting settled ready for the wedding breakfast at Jade’s wedding. Think Jade and Danny were really quite kind to me with the table arrangements as I had some great company! 

Jade made us all emotional as she started the proceedings by doing her very own speech! She did a great job! 

There were plenty of tears shed and giggles to be had as the speeches continued, and before we knew it, the meal began! The garlic mushrooms were pretty spectacular (got to love a good portion of garlic mushrooms) and I’m fairly certain I had half a cow on my plate with the roast beef! The meal was amazing!

With the formalities over, it was time to enjoy the evening do! Me and Rachel snuck off at one point to get settled into our room for the evening, before heading back to the reception ready to party! 

They kicked things off by Jade having a rather lovely Father-Daughter dance with her dad (funnily enough) to “I loved her first” pretty great song choice even if I do say so myself 😉. Before Jade then had her first dance with Danny. 

We even had a little game of Mr and Mrs thrown in! Before the buffet was open and the cake was being cut!  There was even an ice cream cart! All that amazing food and I was still so full from the meal that I couldn’t enjoy it! 

For me it was time to look forward to the dancing! We’d taken great pains to make sure the DJ was supplied with a good playlist. He did do a pretty good job with the music to  be fair! Even despite the 90s rave section and complete lack of Motown (Danny, I blame you for that😂).

All in all I spent most of the night on the dance floor with some amazing company! I literally danced all night! I even got a bit of Frankie Valli on! Plus the girls asked for Footloose in an attempt (quite a successful one at that) at getting me to kick my heels off.  He even played one of my all yime favourites- paradise by the dashboard light!

We ended up being the last ones standing and eventually Rachel and I headed back to our room, with aching feet. We had a cuppa tea and a good chat about the day! 

The following day, most of the guests had quite a chilled breakfast together, before packing up the car and heading home! Here’s a little snap of the last ones standing!

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