Some of you remember that my beautiful friend got engaged to Chris while they were away in Paris! I was a little bit excited and promised that you would probably hear much more about it! 

Well the wedding planning has well and truly kicked in! They’ve chosen a rather amazing venue and the date is booked. 

The next rather exciting thing that happened, was that I was chosen to be bridesmaid! Katie is like my adopted sister so I was well chuffed to be asked to be her bridesmaid! She even got me this cute little goodie bag…

So our first major mission as bride and bridesmaid was dress shopping! This experience was a first for me, I’d never been wedding dress shopping before, but it’s a pretty big experience for most girls, even if you aren’t trying the dresses on yourself! 

It’s an experience we wanted to make the most out of! So we’ve had a few trips to different boutiques, being given glasses of bubbles as we peruse the dresses on offer! Granted we were treated differently in each shop. One of the ladies in a shopnear where Katie works went above and beyond to help us. While at the same time in that store, there was another lady who didn’t work for the store but sold bridal jewellery and accessories. She was really pushy! I’m not an angry person, but I had to grot my teeth to cope with her! We haven’t even got the dress yet lady stop forcing jewellery on us!!!!

Then not to mention another, quite popular store within Doncaster. Its a store I think a lot of people in Doncaster wishto visit, but when we went in, we had pur very own Pretty Woman moment! In that they really weren’t very welcoming. I think even if Katie loved a dress, she may have thought twice about getting it from them!

We haven’t got the dress yet, but we have plenty of time and you really cant be too picky about this decision! We’ve found a couple of potentials and are getting closer to the one each time I’m sure! Meanwhile, we are having fun trying! With some nice meals and bubbles to make the most out of each trip! 

There have been a fair few evenings of wedding films and discussing plans! Maybe even some bubbles here and there…

Plus I got to go to my first big wedding fayre, although this one was more of an exhibition. We went to the “I do” wedding exhibition at Ice Sheffield! 

So many different stalls it was almost overwhelming! But there were some great dresses on the catwalk and I even got to bump into this lovely lady….

I met the lovely Alexandra a few years ago through dancing and she is a pretty amazing violin player! Well worth checking out if you are planning a wedding! I got to chat with her and meet her new husband.

So I’m sure you will be hearing plenty more about this wedding over the next couple of years! For now, I had better start thinking hen do! Tell me about your best (and worst) hen do memories…

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